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Service Dogs Going Through Our Obedience Course


ALL Tuition for Training Programs at Off The Hook Dogs is ALL INCLUSIVE and  Includes Instruction, Equipment, Taxes, Associated Reading, and any Necessary Follow-Up.

Stop The Pulling - Leash Manners

(1-session 1 1/2 hour coaching course with follow-up) - $300*

Reactive Dog Leash Foundations

(2-session coaching course with follow-up focused on basic leash manners and dog reactivity protocols) - $500*


Reactive Dog Leash Mastery

(4-session professional training course with follow-up - we do the training!) - $900*

Leash Manners is a staple of Dog Training. Walking politely on a leash is a skill that all dogs and their handlers must master. The leash walk is a bonding exercise that improves the dog-human relationship and it is, of course, a safety issue for both dog and walker. We also know the dog who walks politely gets longer walks, which is also mutually beneficial to all involved.

Here at Off The Hook Dogs! we provide multiple opportunities for both dog and handler to improve their leash skills as they are included in our Off-Leash and Behavior Modification Training Camps.

For those who seek only an improvement in their dog's leash walking behavior we also offer three stand-alone courses, Stop The Pulling Leash Manners, Reactive Dog Leash Foundations, and Reactive Dog Leash Mastery, which will solve your issues and get your dog walking by your side calmly and reliably.

STOP THE PULLING LEASH MANNERS is a private single session course designed to introduce the requisite skills and protocols for a polite leash walk without pulling. Improvement is guaranteed!

REACTIVE DOG LEASH FOUNDATIONS is a two session course where you learn polite leash manners protocols and then we add the distractions that trigger your dog and handle those during the second lesson. Improvement is guaranteed!

REACTIVE DOG LEASH MASTERY is a four session program wherein we come to your home over four consecutive days and personally work with your pup, teaching them to walk politely at your side - we do the work in this program and then bring you in to the mix at the end of the 4th session. Again, results are guaranteed!



$150 per session

At your location


Once completing any of our training packages, you are entitled to free follow-up phone/text/email consultations for life and free "tune-ups" for 6 months. Beyond your 6 month "grace period" you and your dog can schedule individual maintenance lessons at anytime.

Additional Notes

Training prices are all-inclusive and cover all the Training, Boarding, or Travel to you, all required Equipment, Taxes, and any necessary follow-up.

Ask about our cash discount!

For more information on the training equipment, visit our FAQs page.

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