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Behavior Modification Programs
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Behavior Program Tuition


ALL Tuition for Training Programs at Off The Hook Dogs is ALL INCLUSIVE and  Includes Instruction, Equipment, Taxes, Associated Reading and any Necessary Follow-Up.

Behavior Foundations:

$2400* for the 1 week/5 Day Course

(Training, Equipment, Boarding/Travel, Tax, Etc.)

(Day-School or Board & Train Options)

Behavior Mastery:
$3400* for the 2 week/9 Day Course

(Training, Equipment, Travel, Tax, Etc.)

(Required for aggression)

(Day-School Option Only)

Behavior Modification Programs

Here at Off The Hook Dogs we specialize in Behavior Modification Training and Rehabilitation Therapies that go beyond simple command training and address your pup's behavior and emotional issues (aggression, reactivity, frustration and fear) thereby improving the dog's and the family's quality of life. 


We approach our behavior modification strategies with empathy and patience guided by the framework of Grisha Stewart's BAT and SAFE programming, combined with the principles and methodologies of Steven Lindsay's Cynopraxic Training which balanced approach engenders secure attachments and a deep abiding bond between the pup and their family, or pack.


When your dog feels safe and secure, and understands expectations the human-animal bond is strengthened and emotional stability & behavior are immensely improved.

We offer most of our programs in either a Board & Train format where your pup stays with Trainer Matt at his home in Northern Rhode, or as a Day-School program where you enjoy the benefits of a Board & Train without having to say goodbye to your pup for an extended period of time. This is the format Trainer Greg uses here at Off The Hook Dogs. Under this option Greg will come to you and train your dog at your home and in your neighborhood/area with your pup coming home each day and staying in familiar environs. This is usually a superior option for fearful dogs, reactive dogs, or for those pet parents who prefer to have their "fur-babies" at home with them each night.

Both program options teach the same behaviors and achieve the same spectacular results and include the training, structure, and obedience that will help you and your pup more easily navigate life together. In addition to nice leash walking manners (no lunging or reactivity!) and a reliable recall, your dog may learn to: touch-up, sit/stay, down/stay, or go-to-place, and we will also help you with common behavioral issues such as jumping up, nipping, counter surfing or any other issues you need our help with.

For dogs experiencing light emotional & behavior issues and who already have an adequate foundation in obedience, our one-week Behavior Foundations Program can be customized and may suffice. This program is offered in the Day-School format with Greg coming to you each day, or as a Board & Train with Matt at his home in Rhode Island if you prefer!


For dogs experiencing more complicated issues, fear and/or aggression our two week Behavior Mastery Program is more well suited. This program is offered only in the Day-School format. Details will be discussed during the initial consultation.

We specialize in remote collar training, and proper introduction and use of this tool may be covered in both of our behavior program options if recommended and so chosen.

What to Expect:

  • Photo updates daily

  • A thorough training session with you and your dog at the end of the program to go over training and show you how to reinforce it

  • Clear homework instructions designed specifically for you and your dog to start practicing at home

  • Access to us via phone/text/email or video chat to help troubleshoot any issues you’re having during or after the program

  • Free hands-on follow-ups or touch-ups for 6 months after program completion.

Maintenance Lessons

$150 per session
at your location

Maintenance Lessons

Once completing any of our training packages, you are entitled to free follow-up consultations for life and free "tune-ups" for 6 months. Beyond your 6 month "grace period" you and your dog can schedule individual maintenance lessons at anytime.

*Additional Notes

Training prices are all inclusive and cover all the Training, Boarding or Travel to you, all required Equipment, Taxes and any necessary follow-up.

Ask about our cash discount!

For more information on the training equipment, visit our FAQs page.

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