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Grey Round Patterns

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Greg Riley and Matt Campbell are two of the most in-demand Canine Behavioral Trainers in the Southern New England area, with expansive expertise in all areas of dog behavior and specializing in aggression and problematic behavior, leash manners, and off-leash proficiency.

Here at Off The Hook Dogs we offer behavior modification and rehabilitation, on-leash manners courses, and off-leash proficiency training, in and around your home and neighborhood, where the issues arise.


We also offer consulting, coaching & emotional rehabilitation services for fear and aggression cases and for dogs that may not be ready for our structured courses just yet. All of this with a very simple philosophy; First we believe that in order to effectively help dogs overcome their struggles we must be competent; possessing a deep understanding of canine learning theory, biology, ethology, applied behavior analysis, emotional psychology, canine nutritional science, endocrinology, and neuroscience.


Additionally,  helping dogs should be fun, friendly, fair, and effective, and the process should maximize the human-canine bond.


Here at Off The Hook Dogs we employ high level balanced training, behavior modification, and therapeutic protocols, which may include Greg Riley's exclusive "softouch" e-collar training techniques and/or cutting-edge-science based game centered methodologies, as well as advanced emotional rehabilitation therapies targeting the underlying mental states driving aberrant behaviors. These are advanced methodologies and we guarantee that they work!


And when these methods are combined, using basic obedience and relaxation/calming techniques in the home and fun-filled adventure hikes in the woods, at the beach and the park, the learning is transformational as well as enjoyable and so dogs dive enthusiastically into the process; results are nothing short of spectacular!

Grey Round Patterns

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We can help you with all of your dog training needs so put your best paw forward and live life OFF THE HOOK today!

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