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Serving all of Southern New England


Greg Riley is one of the most in-demand dog trainers in the Southern New England area, with expansive expertise in all areas of dog behavior and specializing in aggression and problematic behavior, leash manners, and

off-leash proficiency.


Here at Off The Hook Dogs we offer behavior modification and rehabilitation, on-leash manners courses, and off-leash proficiency training, in your home and neighborhood, where the issues arise. We also offer consulting & coaching services for fear and aggression cases for dogs that may not be ready for our structured courses just yet. All of this with a very simple philosophy; we believe that training the dogs of New England should be Fun, Friendly, Fair & Effective, and the process should maximize the human-canine bond.


Here at Off The Hook Dogs we customize high level balanced training protocols, which may include Greg Riley's exclusive "softouch" e-collar training techniques and/or cutting-edge-science based game centered methodologies exclusive to Off The Hook Dogs. These are advanced processes and we guarantee that they work! And when these systems are combined with fun-filled adventure hikes in the woods, at the beach and the park, the learning is fun and exciting and so dogs dive enthusiastically into the process; results are nothing short of spectacular!


We can help you with all of your dog training needs so put your best paw forward and live life OFF THE HOOK today!