By phone or in your home

Dog Consulting in RI

I am not just a dog trainer, I am a K-9 Behavior Consultant holding a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science and a Master's Degree In Anthrozoology, which is the academic study of the human-animal bond, and under which I studied Ethology and Behaviorism. I am also a certified Master Aggression Specialist.

Most consultations can be handled over the phone, but for aggressive or reactive dogs an in home visit may be required so that I can better observe your dogs behavior and develop a training plan based on your goals and your dogs current behavior and temperament.


I offer all phone consultations free of charge (and in many cases I can walk you through a solution during the call).


For aggression cases, complicated cases, or for caretakers who prefer or for whom I believe should be personally involved in the rehabilitation of their own dog, an in-home evaluation is suggested. My initial visit is billed at $200 which includes evaluation, history taking, a discussion of goals and training options, the development of a treatment plan and initial instruction on training/rehabilitation and/or safety protocols. Subsequent visits are billed at $125 each. Most cases can bring major improvement within just 3 to 4 visits, dependent of course on your own dedication to the cause.

In any event I cannot reach out to you so the ball's in your court; hit the "Contact Me" button above or call me directly at 401-332-8669; the phone call is free, having a happy and well behaved dog is priceless!