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Consultations & Coaching

Consultations & Coaching


In person:

Initial Visit/Session $250

Subsequent visits $150 ea.


Initial consult Free!

Subsequent calls $50

I am not just a dog trainer, I am a K-9 Behavior Consultant holding a Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science and a Master's Degree In Anthrozoology, which is the academic study of the human-animal bond, and under which I studied Ethology and Behaviorism. I am also a certified Master Aggression Specialist.

I offer consultations and coaching opportunities by phone, zoom, and in person for anyone seeking more information about our programs, how they might benefit you and your pup(s), and as an alternative method of getting your doggie issues solved without a larger program. Coaching sessions may also be recommended for dogs with certain emotional and/or behavior issues such as fear and extreme aggression. 

Most consultations can be handled over the phone, but for aggressive or reactive dogs an in home visit may be required so that I can better observe your dogs behavior and develop a training plan based on your goals and your dogs current behavior and temperament.


I offer all initial phone consultations free of charge (and in many cases I can walk you through a solution during the call).


For aggression cases, complicated cases, or for caretakers who prefer or for whom I believe should be personally involved in the rehabilitation of their own dog, an in-home evaluation is suggested. My initial visit is billed at $250 which includes evaluation, history taking, a discussion of goals and training options, the development of a treatment plan and initial instruction on training/rehabilitation and/or safety protocols. Subsequent coaching visits are billed at $150 each. Most cases can bring major improvement within just a few visits, dependent of course on the issue and your own dedication to the cause.

In any event I cannot reach out to you so the ball's in your court; hit the "Contact Me" button below or call me directly at 401-332-8669; the phone call is free, having a happy and well behaved dog is priceless!